Wednesday, June 17, 2009

TAO X Experimental Instrument Gallery

TAO X Productions Experimental Instrument Gallery Series
In this series I will use that Time Machine I was building to go back and document some of the musical, sculptural and experimental projects (created in my studios or in collaboration with others) from the past through the future!
For the first installation I'm pleased to present a collection of Large Outdoor Musical Sculptures created by myself and some of my partners in sonic crime and guerrilla artfare;)

Hill Iron Series: 2000 -2009
The Hill Iron series consists of several large instrument sculptures made primarily from recycled farm impliments (tilling disks, metal tubes, and fan blades, rope) stones and fallen cedar trees. I have recorded some of these instruments and will be adding sound and video clips as soon as they become available. Most of these are large 12 foot tall structures located far from my studio, that stay outside year round in Wisconsin. They require occasional maintenance and I will plan on recording some video next time I drive out to do repairs. You can get a sense of perspective from the ladders underneath the Tubular Bell frame, or the brief case and mikes that made up the recording set up.

Question: How do you scare away a marauding gang of cows like this one?
Answer: Build one of these, apparently;)

Raw Materials

Portable Recording Rig

This rig looked so 'James Bond' that I had to add the gun and stopwatch for effect;)
The cat, my now deceased but much loved Midnight, entered the picture of his own volition

Field Recording Session

Lovecraftian 1: Sounds of the Tripod Disk Gong both struck and with stones poured upon it, are reversed, timeshifted and recorded realtime and finally manipulated via a Roland DJ70 MKII w/360 degree "scratch wheel" controller, and incorporated into this short piece inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's "The Terrible Old Man".

In addition to Instruments we also build other sculptures and various oddities.

Photographs and Artwork - T.Reed 2000 - 2009
Sculptures by:
Tripod Disk Gong - J. Kaminsky
Moth Gong - T. Reed/J. Kaminsky

Giant Tubular Bells (3 sided) - T. Reed
I Ching Chimes - T. Reed
Bell Tree 1 - P. Kaminsky
Guardian II - T. Reed/J. Kaminsky

T. Reed would like to thank J. Kaminsky and Eric K. for the space, resources, creativity, collaboration and cooperation in the creation of this series of large sculptural musical instruments built starting in 2000 and continuing through today.
The Tripod Disk Gong was conceived by J. Kaminsky and built with T. Reed.
Bell Tree 1 was conceived and built by P. Kaminsky The I Ching Chimes was conceived and built by T. Reed

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