Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day - Drive By Interview - Tyler Weaver - Whiz! Bam! Pow!

This month Nightmare Sound Laboratory is kicking off a special feature:
‘Drive By Interviews’ with Filmmakers, Writers, Artists, Musicians and other Creatives.
The goal is to shine a quick spotlight on talented creatives working in the super cool land of film, music, storytelling and "comic bookery"
The process is simple. I ask three questions and get a little info I can feature about the latest work of the selected artists. 
 As Thanksgiving approaches I am now (and always) enormously grateful to the artists that inspired my life in storytelling, art, film and music. In honor of that gratitude one question I will ask all 'Drive By Featured Artists" is regarding the first or primary influences that launched them toward a career in their chosen field. So without further adieu let me present:

Thanksgiving Day Writer’s Drive By Featuring:  
Tyler Weaver

Current Project in Development: 
Whiz! Bam! Pow!
"Told through comic books, radio shows, and films, Whiz!Bam!Pow!{ 
is a transmedia love letter to comic books, the heroes in them, and the people they inspire. 

 Whiz!Bam!Pow! is currently crowdfunding at and needs your help to soar!"
Nightmare Sound Lab’s T. Reed asks Tyler Weaver:

T.R. : " What was the first moment, (and if applicable, movie, comic, or other influence that inspired you to KNOW you had to be involved in the creative process/industry?"

T.W.: " It was the first time I saw Tim Burton's BATMAN in 1989. That opening sequence, with the Elfman score propelling us towards a bat symbol made me want to do something creative. I thought film music would be my vocation, but it turned out that I wanted to be a filmmaker."

T. R. : Where do you see the “Transmedia” movement taking entertainment and storytelling over the next five to ten years?

T.W.:  "We're going to see a similar thing that happened from silent film to the "talkies."  After awhile, the "Talkies" were no longer considered separate, and it all became "Film." The same thing's going to happen here - the term "transmedia" will be dropped from "storytelling," and it will just be what it is: storytelling."

T. R. : Where do you want to see yourself in the creative field five years from now and what role do you see Whiz Bam Pow playing in that equation?

T.W.: "I wish I had a more definite answer but here goes: I want to be continuing and growing a sustainable creative career, working with cool people, and getting the chance to tell the stories I want to tell the way I want to tell them. As far as where Whiz!Bam!Pow! fits in to that equation? It's my hope that it continues to be a thriving and developing universe that people enjoy being a part of."

All Whiz!Bam!Pow! Artwork by Blair J. Campbell. Courtesy of Whiz!Bam!Pow!

You can find out more about Tyler Weaver at