Monday, June 15, 2009

Pandora's Paint Can... Opened Again.

I recently received an email from a video producer who had shot some live footage for my band (Morpheus Sister), back in the mid nineties . Turns out he won a cable philo award in 1993, I believe, for Morpheus Sister - Live at Nitro. It was a concert in a spectacular three floor nightclub with a video system and 9 big screen TVs that formed one larger screen, (that we employed to the fullest benefit). Nitro had been a half a dozen other clubs before and would eventually usher out the big era of Milwaukee nightclubs when it became property of Brett Favre, housing his "Steakhouse" and subsequently failing. But i digress, more on all that another time...
The point is that he sent me a link to this ancient video animation test project he had once asked me to cut some music for back in 94' (I was in quite an 'industrial' way, back then). It was a short video piece shot on one of the first Sony DV cams and a Soviet 16mm Krasnogorsk camera. It featured some 3D animation of a whil 'o' whisp type creature in a Pandora's box type story.
What more can I say;) Wow! It just reminds me how much audio-visual technology has progressed in the last 15 years! Enjoy it for what it is. We can never go back to 1994!...not until I build that time machine...I know those plans are around here somewhere...ahhh! Theres that flux dimensional capacitor I was looking for... Here just watch this video while I work on my Time Machine.

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