Wednesday, June 24, 2009

They're Here! "The Outer Space Men" in the 21st Century.

Just received this blast from the past. These are probably some of the first really cool action figures ever! Created by Mel Birnkrant, they came and went just a couple years before I would have been old enough to appreciate them, but they are cool designs even to this day. The 2nd series (unfortunately left un-produced in the 1960's) is even better! Well it appears that new blood has infused "The Outer Space Men" with a second resurrection of the line as both a Graphic Novel and a new collectible toy series. Best of luck to everyone at OSM!
You can check out their Blog at:


  1. My name is Gary Schaeffer and I own the Outer Space Men LLC. It has been a very long journey however I have brought the Outer Space Men back to life with a sensational new graphic novel re-introducing them to a generation who remembers playing with the greatest action figures ever made as well as a whole new generation of toy enthusiasts, comic book readers, collectors and people who just want to escape to another galaxy for a while. We are busy working on the sequel to the first book and very busy working on all aspects of bringing the OSM back like never before. With the advent of the newly announced Major Matt Mason film which will star Tom Hanks it makes sense that the OSM, who were designed to be either friend or foe to MMM should have their time in a hollywood studion as well. If you have not been to the site yet please go to and please visit our blog at: You can also follow me on Twitter by just following Gary Schaeffer. If you have any questions about the OSM or need some special attention in creating, adding to, or finishing your complete OSM collection just let me know. Thanks so much, Gary.

  2. You have to read the amazing job that Eric Hayes the author of the OSM graphic novel did. Get your very own copy at the website while there are still books available.


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