Sunday, November 29, 2009

TAO X Productions Online! 11/29/09

Official TAO X Productions Website now online!
After much tribulation, procrastination, and frequent 'conflustrication' (nope, not a word, ...yet;), I finally retooled the TAO X Productions website.
New easy to access flash audio and video samples, project links, and a sleek new design are finally available.
The Shopping and Newsletter features are not fully functional just yet. At the moment they are still a world of code I have to finish grappling with, but I'm well on the way and should have those aspects ironed out before long.
As a long time practitioner of DIY philosophy, it can be both frustrating and rewarding to pick up new software from scratch and tickle the edge of code, while trying to get regular projects done. Web work can be so time consuming and meticulous!
All that said, I hope I've managed to create an enjoyable and useful space for clients, fans, and new viewers to experience a piece of my world as a composer/artist/musician/producer. As time permits I will upgrade and improve the site to better serve the developing needs of my clients and the general needs of the multimedia, post production, music and entertainment industry.
I want to thank everyone who shows interest and visits my sites/blogs etc.
For clients I hope to bring a unique flavor that really helps lift their projects/campaigns to their highest potential. For listeners and fans, I hope you all enjoy my eclectic collection of odd bits, albums, and video work from throughout my career/life as an Artist/Musician/Composer.
I thank you for your ears and your support!
Best Wishes,

T. Reed - Composer/Music Producer
TAO X Productions
Nightmare Sound Lab
TAO X on Twitter

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Retrobots of the Month: Thankful for Dynamic Duobots

Alright, This Thanksgiving I am thankful to be able to work in the field of music and art (for 20-plus years and tracking). I am also Thankful to all creators of Monster and Robot masterpieces like the following video for " Positive Contact".
Yeah, this may be a few years old but it is seriously cool. Awesome animation and a most brilliant "Gamer" hook to it from Intergalactic Hip Hop heroes, Deltron 3030

On the other side of the World we have the second half of this month's Dynamic Duobots, a superior animator from Argentina, Federico Alvarez and his exceptional giant Robot alien invasion short: Ataque de Pánico! (Panic Attack!) 2009 (produced by: Aperato Post).It doesn't hurt to be backed by British Film Composer John Murphy and his incredible song,
"In a Heartbeat"(as heard in"28 Days Later" theme /"Dr. Who" etc.)
This is just one of the most awesome animated SciFi shorts ever!

Till next time...same Bot channel;)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Godzilla Stop Motion Animation/Score/SFX Test

I ran across this stop motion animation test featuring none other than the Big 'G' himself, with models and animation by Stu Venom. I asked permission to use his work as the basis for an exercise for one of my intern/students in the art of music for film.

This clip features models of Super Godzilla vs HyperGezora in battle.
You can find more about Stu's stop motion animation project at:

Friday, November 20, 2009

Rob Zombie 11/19/09

Rob Zombie brought his Hellbilly Deluxe II tour to Milwaukee last night.

I missed Captain Clegg & the Night Creatures, but Nekromantix a hot psychobilly act, featured Lux, an incredible female drummer (who can give any man I know a run for his money on the double kick drum game!)
This was one of my all time favorite shows! Featuring the man himself, with John 5 on Guitar (Marilyn Manson), Tommy Clufetos on Drums (Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent), and longtime Zombie bassist Piggy D. , the show was a stellar example of tight experienced performers with a great sound.

Forgive the lame cell phone cam pics, but I was going to enjoy the show, not be a photographer. For those who want a bigger taste of the Zombie flavor, check out Rob's YouTube page:
And his Official Site:

And no, we are not related;) We are the same age, and share similar influences, but any resemblance to any Zombies either living or now un-dead is purely coincidental.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Guns, Girls, and Giant monsters - Assault Girls - Another Mamoru Oshii TKO

I think I love this movie and I haven't even seen it yet.
Here's why:

Did I mention, this movie has it all! The 3 Gs: Guns, Girls, and Giant Monsters. Don't know that I need to say more, but for those that need convincing, take into account that it is a Mamoru Oshii film ( The same guy responsible for the groundbreaking "Ghost in the Shell", Avalon, and perhaps less well known, but no less intriguing and bizarre "The Red Spectacles" (1987). The music was done by Kenji Kawai.
In case you are not convinced yet:
Check out the trailer:

"Assault Girls" is scheduled for a 12/19/09 Japanese release. I can't wait to get it here!
Horror and SciFi writer, Robert Hood usually beats me to the punch on these hot new films, I just toss one or two in that really strike my fancy. You can check out his fine blog @

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kaijusonic Update

Kaijusonic - Release Delayed
Well the idea was to arbitrarily post Halloween as a deadline for this project...The reality is that some film project and festival deadlines and priorities stepped in the way. Not so out of the ordinary in this crazy biz;) That said, I want to make this a spectacular project with lots of fun cool merchandise and an incredible collection of fine monster music so, I am going to take the time I need to make sure this is worth the wait! I promise it will be MONSTROUS!!! I will post a new release date when I've had more time to give this project the focused attention it deserves and I'm sure a financing and distribution chain is in place.
More on this soon...

Kaijusonic Team - Nightmare Sound/TAO X Productions

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Nightmare Sound Lab and TAO X Productions will be back shortly with
more music , film, art and all around fun Monster Creep stuff!
Recuperating from a frantic sleepless week of Dialog, Music,
Foley and Sound FX
recording, editing and mixing for a short film called
“Four Cups of Joe”,
destined for the film festival circuit!

Be back after a day of sleep or so;)
T.Reed - TAO X Productions ~ Nightmare Sound Lab