Monday, August 23, 2010

Rise of the Retrobots: What's Up With That Anyhow?

About a year ago, rumors of a robot uprising known as "The Rise of the Retrobots" began to surface.
A lowly Repair Droid , apparently annoyed by frequent queries about his knowledge of this supposed 'robot uprising' tries to answer the question once and for all!

More to come...Bleep!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Astrology and the Multi-Media Artist/Entrepreneur

Perhaps you are asking yourself, "What does Astrology have to do with being an artist or a media entrepreneur?" There are many who might even scoff at the notion entirely, as if it were some 'mumbo-jumbo' best suited for Saturday night fright flicks.

Let me assure you, that having lived with an astrologer for nearly twenty years and having used it as a tool in our lives, it has been an incredibly helpful 'guidebook'. Skeptics should consider that on an entirely scientific and physical level, if the  gravitational forces caused by the motion of planets can move the tides of the oceans, certainly they must have some effect on our own physical bodies (made primarily of water), which must in turn have some effect on our physical, emotional, and  spiritual nature. These effects can often be clearly be felt and seen if we are paying attention.

But how can we (entrepreneurs and artists...and, well everyone!) actually work with this information to improve our selves and our lives? Let me give you one powerful example.
Life gets busy and one can easily slip on the consistency with which they (me) update their blogs and networking activity from time to time. Networking can seem like a moot point when impending bills and deadlines loom, and sometimes everything can just plain go haywire, from computers to communications to projects. Thankfully, this is not usually the case, but this can happen to any of us at any time (and probably has at one point or another). We often do not recognize when it's time to stop and rest, or refresh our commitment to excellence and discipline
Enter a particular phenomenon in Astrology called "Mercury Retrograde".
Mercury,(The Messenger), is the planet strongly associated with communication and travel. When Mercury goes retrograde it can boggle computers, tie peoples tongues and create misunderstandings. It can also bring an increase in car breakdowns and accidents as well as just generally interference with travel plans.
Now, that may all sound somewhat ominous, and considering it happens three or four times each year and lasts for three (or more in effect) weeks each time, it might appear a daunting obstacle.
But there is an up side to for those who can embrace a more Taoist sense of balance in the Universe. One useful mantra that I have heard (and applied) to Mercury Retrograde is to consider the prefix "re" from retrograde. Use these retrogrades intentionally and take the time to do things that generally use the prefix 're': (rethink, prepare, research, retool, reorganize, reflect, and yes, even relaxation:) Make a conscious effort to slow down and re-examine your situation. Back up your computers before retrograde hits (and remain vigilant with good back up procedures in general). Make sure you have any necessary car repairs taken care of, especially if you plan or expect a long drive. Re-confirm your flights and rooms if you are traveling, and be well prepared for changes and delays. This is also a good time to plan for doing studio repairs or renovations. And despite the focus on travel issues, it can also be a good time to plan for some rest and recreation (provided you remain chill and follow the recommendations above regarding travel!). And while there is never a bad time to revisit gratitude and rectify your attitude, Mercury Retrograde would be a wise time to do so.

 Astrology is not an old wives tale used to scare people or fill them with pipe dreams and superstition. It can be a valuable tool (properly utilized) to help the entrepreneurial spirit thrive and navigate in both creative and business environments, as well as in our day to day lives. For anyone involved in the highly competitive and often stressful  creative industry, we need all the tools we can get to stay on top of our game, reduce stress, and prepare the way for joyous and prosperous ventures. Astrology can be a useful asset on that journey.

As of the writing of this article we are currently in a Mercury Retrograde that started: August 20th and ends September 12th 2010 (although the effects can be known to start early and slowly wind down prior to and after the 3 week retrograde period).

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