Monday, June 15, 2009

Rise of the Retrobots

TAO X Productions
Nightmare Sound
'Rise of the Retrobots'.
Recently, I've been working on a number of tracks which could loosely be called 'Robot Oriented Music" (R.O.M. for short;), music one might consider, by, for, or about Robots. This has inspired me to embark upon a collaborative multi-media compilation of 'Robot Music', Images, and Video all reflecting a SciFi audio-visual venture into the realm of Electro, Experimental, Techno, Cinematic, and other such oddities that would best portray the future-retro vibe of 'Old School SciFi' meets 'New School Electronica' in an all out Robot Extravaganza !

For updates, contributors list, and additional info keep checking in at:
Robot Uprising
Kill Robots Rise (Excerpt) by T. Reed/TAO X Productions

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