Night Gallery

A virtual gallery of the macabre artwork of T. Reed 
and occasional featured Artwork by other Horror/SciFi/Comic Artists.
Before I became a musician and a composer I was a visual Artist.
I try to bring that spirit to everything I do, and continue to explore 
Art through as many mediums as possible. 
From drawing, to digital graphics to sonic sculptures and beyond!
Please enjoy these samples from my personal collection!  
And please do leave comments! 
Sign in just as you would sign in the guestbook at a live Gallery opening! 
I am pleased to know you and glad you took the time to peek at my work.

Vault of Cthulu by T.Reed - {Just Testing Wacom Tablet} 

Death's Head Drone by T. Reed

Skull Wedding by T. Reed
Baby Skull 1 - Block Print by T. Reed

Baby Skull 2 by T. Reed
Alien Baby by T. Reed
Nightmare Monsterpede by T. Reed

Antipriest - Xero CD Back Cover Art by T. Reed

Antipriest - Xero - Ouija Skull - Conceptual Art by T. Reed
Birdman Skull 1
Blue Ghost 1 by T. Reed
Triclops by T. Reed

Purple Monster Spike
All for Now
More Art to Come!

Please contact me to request permission if you would like to use any of my images for any of your own websites or other purposes. In many cases I will probably be glad to grant permission with proper attribution, but please extend myself and any guest Artists who may be contributing to the Virtual Night Gallery, the courtesy of a request for and explanation of any usage you might require.