Saturday, August 22, 2009

Retrobots of the Month - Robomercials 2

Retrobots of the month for August brought to you by Nightmare Sound and the "Rise of the Retrobots" multi-media compilation project.

Any kid in their right mind would love a set of these guys which hit the streets just a few years before I would have been old enough to appreciate them.

The Japanese however, had developed a massive robot toy culture that went way back. As a product of wild imaginations and a million copycats, there were robot and monster TV series and fleets of accompanying products some of which made their way to American markets...
(Note the strange inclusion of Godzilla in this completely unrelated toy series/franchise)

And some of which didn't...

Perhaps with the endless barage of cool, cheap and cheesy TV shows like this one:

And the extreme expectations some of these TV commercials put on these Robot's abilities and interactive scope with their audience...

Enticing children with promises of massive destructive power;)
Perhaps that is what's got this next guy SOOO excited!

All for now till next month's Retrobots return. Till then, please go play at some of the ancillary laboratories:
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Thursday, August 13, 2009

He's back...

Yeah, I disappeared there for a couple weeks;)
This is turning out to be a very busy Summer indeed.
In addition to all the music projects I have culminating simultaneously, I am also working on a screenplay for (oddly enough) an dark action comedy with a writing partner in San Francisco. Over the several weeks I have been in the process of making revisions in preparation for some film festivals. My writing partner produced an independent film for director Adam Orman last year called Fifth Form. (Sorry, again NOT a horror film at all) BUT... Fifth Form was accepted and will be screening next at:

Indiefest USA (Anaheim). AMC Downtown Disney, Thurs. Aug 27, 10pm
More to the point...We have a very close to solid new script/screenplay available to pitch by the week of the festival. We are working towards developing this screenplay into a new independent film, even as the script is being completed and fine tuned. I will announce more about this project when I can. After the fest I will be back to more horror oriented subjects, Rise of the Retrobots updates and other project news. Till then I will be busy doing all the screenwriting/editing I can. I'll still try and stab in article or two in between :)
T. Reed - TAO X Productions - Nightmare Sound Laboratory