Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter Updates : Film Festivals, Writing, Remixing

While I must apologize for a month without any new posts, it has not been for a lack of writing .
I have continued delving into Horror Fiction with a short horror story submission for a paranormal romance collection. I wanted to try and defy the stereotype of that genre with a story that was perhaps a bit more horror filled and less traditional romance.
"The Man in the Mirror" was the result:
Sarah lives a sequestered life of abuse at the hands of her less than perfect man. She escapes into romantic fantasy novels from the library where she works, but back at home, she gets a beating, again. At her wits end, Sarah turns to a Jamaican Hoodoo woman who tends to her injuries and sends her off with a mirror, and instructions for trapping her man’s devil inside it. There are two things she must never do...look into the mirror, or break it! Staring into the shattered glass on the floor she wonders what happens when you’ve done both.

Official selections should be made by next month. I will post an update if my submission is chosen for publication. Wish me luck!

I'd also like to announce some info regarding "Four Cups of Joe" a short film written by Steven Baer and produced and directed by Brandon Butrick at Photon Creative, with sound design, Foley, dialog & music editing, and mix by 'yours truly' at TAO X Productions.  We also worked with Composer Steve Moon on this to free up my hands for the sound design and production work. You can see the comedy short at:
It will also be appearing at the
Beverly Hills Shorts Festival 
March 18 -21st 2010
I will update as new festivals and screenings are added.

I have been busy developing a number of other projects as well, including the music for the current Welcome video commercial on the homepage of the Savasa Fitness website.

I have begun work on a remix for RPM recording Artists "The Vanguard"
for their track "And Then We Dance" which I intend to wrap up and deliver by the end of the month.
You can check out The Vanguard and hear the original track at their website.

And last but not least I have had to put some Hip Hop collaborations, Cinematic Monster Music,  and various other projects on hold while I completed other scheduled work, but I will be returning to these projects and others that I am involved with, in March.
Till the next update, Keep creating!

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