Sunday, February 28, 2010

Science Fact: Robot /Man - Exoskeleton

The robot exoskeleton and giant mecha warriors, previously the exclusive domain of sci-fi pulp magazines, comics, ambitious Japanese animae and cinema, are now active development projects with functional prototypes. It's all here in this month's robotic feature.  From the serious and militant to a "big kid's" toy for those who can afford the price tag, from the deadly serious to the patently absurd, or artistically odd and even a dose of downright silly just for fun;)

If I didn't know better, I'd think we were preparing for some kind of Mech-War!

I think this guy he thinks he's Tony Stark;)

How do you get this damn thing on the tour bus?

Save up your pennies and platinum for this 300,000 dollar gem;)

Ok, Ok ...It's silly as all get out...But man what a lot of work and fun it must have been to put that costume together, he better just hope it doesn't rain...

Till next time, keep well oiled;)
See ya again, same robot time, same robot channel.

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