Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cryptozoology - Poems by "The Captain" @

"The Captain" has unleashed some of the most Godawful poetry 
on the planet. His harrowing tales of travel on the high seas and 
to remote locations include battles with Sea Monsters, Giant Sharks, 
Giant Octopus, Bigfoot, and even the infamous Loch Ness Monster!
See posts from 3/24/2010:  
Loch Ness Monster, Unattached, and Bigfoot)
Read if you dare, but be fair warned;)
Please sign on as a follower and decry the greatness 
or awfulness that is indeed called Captain Poetry! 
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for even more Maritime fun! Show your support for an old seafaring 
wayfarer determined to spread his stunningly poisonous  poetry from 
shore to shore while battling  beasts and critics from land and sea!


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