Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Retrobots of the Month - Crazy Robot Fight Club

This Month I am featuring some great stuff (some of which feature tight music tracks) from the Crazy Robot Fight Club category. Lets start with an incredibly cool clip covering the Robo One Championships in Tokyo.

Next up 2007 Robot of the Year... Replacing humans in the workplace so people have more time to play second life online;) Hope they don't make an army of giant versions of the Scorpion robots shown here!

Here's one from the 2009 Kondo Battles sponsered by Kondo Kagaku a hobby-robot company.
No cool music, but much cool info and fighting robots!

And finally lets add just a little crazy and stir it with some dancing, some bad-ass stop motion animation, Transformers and The Dukes of Hazzard and see what amazing French-Canadian Director/Animator/Filmmaker Patrick Boivan can come up with (In the form of Fighting Robots that is!) Check out more work by Patrick at:

All for now in Retrobot World:) Till Halloween!

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